Darin McLeskey

Owner and Principal Broker

As a former environmental engineer, Darin pairs the thrill of value investing with the vision of sensible urban planning. He's data focused, result-driven, but emotionally aware of the changing landscape in this crazy city. He grew up in the sprawling semi-rural suburbs, and does not only understand the tidal wave of growth and investment in this city, but is intensely part of it. 

He's focused on the up-and-coming areas exploding with value just outside of Downtown and Midtown. These are historic homes, townhomes, vacant lots, and commercial properties that are in close proximity to all of the action, but bought at a fraction of the price. 

He puts his own money where his mouth is. He owns dozens of properties, has developed multiple rentals, and lives in the heart of the North End. He's sold the majority of foreclosures in the North End, have had the single greatest number of listings, and am the largest individual property owner in the 48202 zip code.  

Most of his listings are great-value properties that he's discovered through his own research based on his own investment strategies. He enjoys partnering with developers, and being the "boots-on-the-ground" guy for people unfamiliar with Detroit. 

He's also applied his knowledge of tax distressed foreclosures to purchase acreage out west and up north for himself and multiple clients. 

Email: darinm@denovorealestate.com

Phone: (313) 334-3337

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Luke Boyea

Real Estate Sales Agent and Office Manager

Luke has roots based in pristine northern Michigan but has also lived in the trendy cities of Royal Oak and Berkley.  Recently moving to East English Village, he fell in love with the city and the energy driving it’s revitalization.

Luke is a graduate from Central Michigan University, with a Bachelor in Psychology minoring in Business. He values the unique contrast of people seeking to live in the family oriented, trendy suburbs and people seeking the excitement and crazy wonderful atmosphere of downtown Detroit or one of its historic neighborhoods, that offer one of a kind living experiences.

Coming from a large, close, German and French Canadian family, Luke knows the importance of having a home that can accommodate a growing family.  More importantly, he knows the importance of living in a home that serves as a foundation upon which to share and create loving experiences for all who live there.  He is driven by deep seeded family values and a passion for helping first time homebuyers; families and investors find the perfect property.  

Utilizing social media, market analysis and making himself available to his clients through many platforms, Luke blends the old with the new in his approach to listing and finding people a home that fits their needs while maximizing value and experience for his clients.

Email: lukeb@denovorealestate.com

Phone: (231) 818-9328


Suzanna Stormer

Real Estate Salesperson

Suzanna is a Real Estate Salesperson for Denovo Real Estate based in New Center, Detroit. Suzanna recently moved from the suburbs to live and work in the city and loves all things Detroit! She is passionate about Real Estate and the urban renewal happening in the city.

As a resident of New Center, Suzanna is very excited that both her friends and family have found a new love for the city, as well as helping them find new homes and investments. Her specialties are working with buyers/sellers and leasing, in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs.

Email: suzannas@denovorealestate.com

Phone: (248) 860-2426


Matthew Johnson

Real Estate Salesperson

Matthew J. Johnson, Sr. decided to go into Real Estate after nearly a decade with a Fortune 500 company simply because everyone needs a place to stay. However, his vision is much more in depth than that.

He belongs to a legacy. One that is deeply rooted in the city of Detroit and surrounding communities. His grandfather, Jack A. Johnson, was a decorated and celebrated African-American pilot who helped train the world-renowned Tuskegee Airmen. Upon returning from service, he expanded his repertoire to include realty. This was during a time when segregation and housing discrimination were most prevalent. Even in the midst of such adversity, he managed to successfully operate his own brokerage firm until his retirement. Real estate is in my blood and I'm proud to carry such a legacy.

Growing up in Detroit in the wake of a drug epidemic, he witnessed firsthand the decay of a city. Formerly known as the city of houses, it turned into a city of squatters, tax delinquencies and abandoned structures on nearly every block. Through seeing this, and loving his city, he has made it his business to ensure that he lends a hand in it's comeback. His extended knowledge in finance and property management, paired with his passion and commitment to my clients, makes for a successful and comfortable real estate experience.

Email: mattj@denovorealestate.com

Phone: 844-5-DENOVO Ext. 4


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