Our Story


Denovo Real Estate. Denovo is Latin for "of new" or "a new beginning".

While Detroit has deep roots and is overflowing with important history, we believe that the city has recently been caught in a cycle of real estate helplessness. Properties are literally lost. They're abandoned by owners who don't have the time or energy to "deal with" the problems facing the City. Sometimes they're cast aside like a piece of trash. Well, one person's trash is another man's treasure.

We're about connecting the two parties. Sellers and buyers, people who shouldn't give up, with those who have invigorating motivation.

We're taking a different approach - finding off market deals, assisting those who have fought hard in this City to keep up and be part of the changes. We are then connecting them with excited, but well informed buyers. One of Detroit's biggest problems is lack of knowledge.

We perform well in the "booming" neighborhoods of the 7.2, but really relish in the emerging areas just outside.

We're busy helping the city and want you to partake in Detroit, in a new, refreshing way.

Source: Detroit 7.2

Source: Detroit 7.2