Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a quit claim deed and is it a safe way to deed a property?
A. A quit claim deed is a deed that conveys whatever interest a person has in a property, but guarantees nothing. There are some legitimate reasons to use a quit claim deed.  For instance, it is often used to correct minor errors, or convey interest between related parties.  It may also be used to convey tax auction properties or other properties if a title search is not performed.

Q. Is Detroit coming back?
A. The progress the city has already made is astounding but there is still a lot more to go! We are excited to be a part of it!

Q. I’ve heard in the news that you can buy a house for $500. Can I really buy a house in Detroit for $500?
A. Yes, at face value you may be able to purchase a property for $500, but that is almost unheard of in today's market. A $500 property would most likely not be livable and will require a significant renovation budget. Even still, Detroit still offers some of the best value in the United States for real estate investment.