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Brigid: 810-599-0631

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Brigid and Ed are one of the leading Real Estate Agents/Broker in our area. They have earned a reputation through excellence with their customers and the local real estate business community. While they focus locally, they have conducted transactions all over SE Michigan. In fact, their new Brokerage, Denovo Real Estate, has recently expanded to cover all of SE Michigan. Ed is the Broker/Owner.
Brigid and Ed are technical agents with diverse backgrounds. Ed has two degrees, a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, and a Masters in Technology Business Management. Brigid has a Bachelors in Paralegal Studies.
They focus on the details and know their unique real estate product well. Their product is the "Lakes" and surrounding area Real Estate. Ed is also licensed in Florida Real Estate. They are active property developers, as well, both renting and flipping homes. They specialize in finding investment grade properties for their clients, after all, your home is usually your largest lifetime investment. If you're serious about real estate, you'll need agents who know contracts, government regulations, use restrictions, changing building codes, perk tests, soil boring, land surveys, wetlands, floodplains, and local land use ordinances. Ed and Brigid will easily walk you through the process. But even if you just want someone that is fun to work with, call them, they love to talk real estate.

Brigid and Ed specialize making dreams come true!!


9585 Portage Lake Ave.
Pinckney MI, 48169
United States


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